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Our mission is to provide effective solutions for flat and low pitched roofing.

Who we are:

GacoPro flat roofing systems are distributed through Dublin & Leeds based Gaco Flat Roofing Solutions Ltd the roofing division of Igoe International Ltd which was established in 1978 and specialises in the procurement and distribution of high quality, innovative products for roofing, waterproofing and property maintenance with a network of long standing customers throughout the EU.

The GacoPro systems are a unique, liquid applied, 100% Silicone, flat roof waterproofing system used extensively in the U.S.A and is now available to carefully selected Professional Roofing contractors in the EU.

Commenting on the introduction of GacoPro flat roofing system to the UK, company managing director Brendan C Igoe said “Before we take on any new product, and especially a flat roofing material, we do our normal due diligence checks, in this case, in greater detail by interviewing several reputable roofing contractors who have been using the GacoPro flat roof system for many years, and feedback from them supported by results of independent testing from the one of the World’s most stringent product testing laboratories left no doubt in our minds that GacoPro was indeed a winner and we are thrilled to bring this flat roof replacement alternative to qualified roofers of high standing to make their roofing business more efficient and more profitable while at the same time offering hard pressed property owners a better deal. In addition, highly positive feedback from British & Irish roofing contractors and property owners since Gaco’s EU launch in 2012 have endorsed that position”

Brendan C Igoe recently commented that "Gaco has grown from strength to strength in Europe and continues to gain popularity especally since GacoPro passed the many tests and was awarded the european certification in 2016. So we are happy to have played our part in waterproofing thousands of meters of roofs for lots of happy customers."

Who we represent:

Based in the U.S.A since 1955, our principles Gaco Western has manufactured exceptional waterproofing and insulating products for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Today, our products cover millions of square feet of buildings and we have earned a trusted reputation in the construction industry. When you work with Gaco you can rest assured you’re dealing with a specialist who knows your area, understands your situation and is at the ready to help you out – in person.

Gaco Western, is the recoqnised leader in innovative silicone roofing systems and offers best-of-class systems such as GacoPro; the 100% Silicone Flat Roofing System, which, over the decades has built up tremendous respect from the Roofing Industry, who work in wide variety of climates ranging from tropical with monsoon downpours to artic conditions…throughout the USA, Middle East, Asia & South America. To date the Gaco has over 100 million square foot of roofs covered all over the world.

The picture below shows some of the Gaco Western team.



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