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Having been a respected supplier direct to the roofing industry for nearly sixty years, Gaco is acutely aware that it is YOUR reputation which is at stake when it comes to getting the job done properly, on budget and on time.

We’ve got highest quality, fast to apply products at most competitive pricing to enable you carry out first class flat roof and low pitched roof refurbishment work without compromising your profits. Our area of speciality is flat roofing of all kinds as well as low pitched roofing.


More Profitable.

Because GacoPro, a single component, two coat (liquid applied) flat roofing system is very fast to apply with no time wasting application of fleeces, primer etc., you can enjoy improved margins while at the same time offering your hard pressed building owner customers / clients an even better deal than previously possible.

Backed by Gaco.

As part of our commitment to you, our (approved contractor) customers, Gaco offers a 20 year warranty on its GacoPro product.

Additional Contractor Opportunities.

With ever increasing regulations and downward pressure on margins, Gaco’s unique and highly versatile product opens the door to several new revenue streams while it saves your customers huge expense at the same time… win win..

Virtually any kind of flat roofing or low pitched roofing can be brought back to life in a most cost effective way.

This can range anywhere from shopping centres, factories, supermarkets and so on.

Here are just a few examples…

Felt or asphalt covered flat roofs that would, in the normal course of events, require some tear off / repairs which could easily trigger the new Part L 1b building regulations, i.e. complete insulation upgrade which could drive the entire job cost ‘through the Roof’ and out of the financial reach of your customer.

If you revitalise the entire flat roof with GacoPro for a very modest cost, you will avoid the tear off / total refurb scenario (unless customer specifies it) and saves a fortune for your customer at the same time. In addition, your customer can expect decades of additional trouble free roof.

Asbestos sheeted roofs are big trouble as we all know.

Removal and disposal of asbestos roofs is outrageously expensive & laden with regulations. Over sheeting is not a cheap option either.
One way you can save your customer money is by applying two coats of GacoPro on top of the asbestos roof. GacoPro will completely encapsulate the asbestos and leave a finish that will extend the life of that roof substantially. Thorough cleaning following proper regulatory procedures will of course be necessary, but will still offer a very viable alternative to roof disposal or replacement.

Gutters etc

Concrete as well as other gutters frequently require re lining etc. Following a thorough cleaning
you can apply two coats of Gaco to ‘line’ the gutters with an unrivalled long lasting watertight job.

More Weather-Friendly = More Work Done.
We know how unpredictible our weather is… rain followed by more rain, and our share of frost and snow etc.
GacoPro can be applied to clean dry surfaces from roof temp of 1 degree C and up which means you’ve now a wider window to get flat or low pitched roofing work done.

In unsettled weather, GacoPro can be applied if you’ve got a two hour window before rain. After two hours, rain
will not be a problem and the roof will be waterproofed.

Newsflash… We now offer an Industry First, reliable and fast way to dry flat roofing. See Products section for information on the Little Storm Flat Roof Dryer.


GacoPro’s unique chemistry & versatility, ease & speed of application offers you many new opportunities to improve your bottom line while at the same time improving your customer’s bottom line.

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